Ethanol Across America What Every American Should Know
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Letter from GM regarding need for RFS

Ethanol — it's what you can do for you – and your country. Learn, communicate, consume. Make your voice heard and your dollar count by reducing pollution, lowering our reliance on imported oil and stimulating our economy when you purchase and FFV operate your FFV on higher blends of ethanol like E85. You can have an impact on the future of transportation fuels and increasing the use of renewable fuels and vehicles.

  1. Arm yourself with knowledge.  Learn more and stay informed by receiving the free Clean Fuels Blog.
  2. Join the Flexible Fuel Vehicle Club
  3. Do you already have an FFV? Check your engine and Vehicle Identification Number. Your VIN number is located on:
  • Your DMV vehicle registration card
  • Your vehicle insurance card
  • Or can be found on your car the driver’s side dashboard, on a little metal plate in front of your steering wheel.
    • The other way of quickly checking is to see if  you have an FFV is to see if you have a yellow gas cap and/or if there is a “E85” sticker on the inside of your fuel door covering your gas cap.
    • Do you already own have an FFV? (Most FFV where made after 1995)
    • Do you want to buy a used FFV and make sure you have the right one? (most used car dealers provide VIN numbers on their websites)
    • Do you want to make sure your new car is an FFV? (most new cars have a sticker or badge that indicates they are an FFV)
  1. Buy A Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) that can use up to 85% Renewable Ethanol
  2. Buy Renewable Ethanol for Your FFV
  3. Find E85
  4. Include an ethanol related speaker at your next business or club meeting
  5. Get the Fuel Ethanol Curriculum Guide
  6. When someone gets the ethanol facts wrong—tell us or send them a copy an electronic or hard copy of the Ethanol Fact Book (e.g., newspaper, radio, politicians)
  7. Ethanol proves to boost state economies and the job you save could be your own.
Empowering the public with knowledge and choice

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