Washington, D.C. June 6, 2005: Dr. Chris Lapp successfully drove from coast to coast on 85 percent ethanol, completing a labor of love that began in the Nation's Capitol and concluded in San Diego, California.

In a converted classic 1957 Cadillac El Dorado Convertible, Dr. Lapp began his ethanol journey as one of the lead cars in the Memorial Day parade in Washington, DC. He then made stops at Harpers Ferry and Morgantown, WV, Lexington and Louisville, KY, St. Louis and Kansas City, MO, Hayes, KS, Denver, CO, Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM, & Tucson, AZ

Dr. Lapp directed the conversion of his classic Caddy, but points out that modern flexible fuel vehicles are available today and cover a wide range of driving needs. More importantly, Dr. Lapp notes this trip would not have been possible in the past and his efforts demonstrate that refueling infrastructure is catching up with the millions of ethanol capable vehicles on the road today.

"We can have clean air, reduce imported oil, and stimulate our own economy with alternative fuels like ethanol," said Dr. Lapp. "This was a fun project for me, and we are not done yet!"

A return trip from California is planned with a northern route through Nebraska, Minnesota, and other Midwest states. The car will be in Minnesota for a week at various events and locations. For further information visit www.ethanolacrossamerica.net.


Ethanol Across America is a non-profit, non-partisan education campaign of the Clean Fuels Foundation and is sponsored by industry, government, and private interests. U.S. Senators Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Conrad Burns (R-MT), Co-Chairmen. For more information, log on to www.ethanolacrossamerica.net.


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